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  • Does Jamis offer any employment opportunities?

    Jamis Bicycles is continuously on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic and creative individuals to join our growing "team". Positions in all departments open from time to time as we continue to expand and grow.  Jamis is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals that are motivated to designing, building and marketing Jamis Bikes. Please visit our Careers page linked below for open opportunities!



  • Where are Jamis frames made?

    Jamis frames are designed in the USA and crafted with select fabricators in Asia. Jamis has long-time relationships with smaller builders that are specific to the various frame materials we utilize such as aluminum, carbon and steel. This allows us to ensure all frames are professionally crafted and handmade to meet the exacting demands of our designers and engineers.

  • Where can I get a complete catalog that illustrates all the Jamis models?

    Jamis offers a catalog archive, which includes product manuals from 2004 to present. Follow the link below for more information and to download.


  • Is there a specific owner’s manual for every Jamis model?

    Jamis has one general owner's manual for all of our products, providing lots of useful information on all of our bikes. You can find it in the link below.


  • How can I figure out the model year of my Jamis Bike?

    We can help with that! Please complete our General Inquiry form, which will be linked below, and provide the serial number located on the underside (bottom bracket shell) of the frame. This will help us determine model year. Many times, there are 2 numbers listed on the bottom bracket shell which can cause some confusion. The correct serial number will be a 9- or 10-digit alphanumeric sequence, usually beginning with a letter, and will not have any spaces or dashes.

    Additionally, we ask that you upload a photo of your complete bike via the file uploader in the below form.


  • I'd like to build up my Jamis bike. Are there assembly instructions available?

    Assembly instructions are not available as all JAMIS Bicycles are to be built by a professional bicycle mechanic.  It is important that a professional bicycle mechanic go through your bicycle to assure that it’s assembled properly, all adjustments are made correctly and that it is delivered to the end user in a safe riding condition. A bicycle built by a professional bicycle mechanic validates your warranty. Any work that is done by a non-professional bicycle mechanic voids the warranty registration.

  • Do you have touch-up paint available for my frame?

    Unfortunately, we do not have touch up paint available aftermarket. We just have too many colors and change them too often. We would recommend that you visit your local hobby shop or check online for hobby shop paints. With hundreds of color options available, you should be able to find a close match for your bike.


  • Are there bushing and pivot service kits available for a Jamis full suspension mountain bike?

    Yes, service kits are available and can be obtained through an Authorized Jamis Retailer. The retailer will be able to determine the appropriate year and model to order the appropriate service kits for your bike.


  • What is the warranty coverage period for a Jamis bicycle frame and fork?

    With the exception of the bicycles that listed below, warranty coverage on the bicycle frame and non-suspended forks extends for the life of the bicycle provided that the bicycle is owned by the original retail purchaser.

    a) Full suspension bicycles with rear suspension travel of 5" or less: 5 years

    b) Full suspension bicycles with rear suspension travel of more than 5": 2 years

    For more details please visit the the warranty section listed below.

     Jamis Warranty Guidelines

  • I have a problem with my Jamis bike that I think falls under the warranty. What steps should I take?

    If you have a problem with your Jamis Bike please return it to the dealer from which you have purchased your bicycle.  The authorized Jamis Dealer will conduct an initial warranty evaluation and contact Jamis Bikes.  If there is no Authorized Jamis Dealers we would recommend taking the bicycle to your closest bicycle retailer and they will be able to evaluate the bicycle for you and will contact our warranty department for review.


  • I do not live in the United States and I have a problem with my Jamis bike that I think falls under the warranty. What steps should I take?

    Please contact your regional distributer, a complete list of our International Distributers can be found below.


  • Where do I find my bike's serial number?

    The serial number for your bike can be found stamped or printed on the underside (bottom bracket shell) of the frame. Sometimes there are 2 numbers listed on the bottom bracket shell which can cause confusion. The correct serial number will be a 9- or 10-digit alphanumeric sequence, usually beginning with a letter, and will not have any spaces or dashes.

  • Where can I register my bike for warranty coverage?

    You can register your Jamis bike in the link below. You'll want to be sure you have your serial number handy. Please see our "Where do I find my bike's serial number?" FAQ if you need assistance finding this.


  • Is my derailleur hanger covered under warranty if it breaks?

    Derailleur hanger breakage is not covered under warranty.  To purchase a new derailleur hanger please contact your nearest Authorized Jamis Dealer.  Generally, any professional bicycle stores can get you a replacement derailleur hanger for your bike.  They are available for a nominal cost and we do offer a select few hangers on our Jamis Web-Store which is linked below.


  • I crashed and damaged my Jamis frame and/or fork. Does Jamis have a Crash Replacement program?

    Yes! Jamis does currently offer a Crash Replacement Discount. Please contact you nearest Authorized Jamis Retailer for more details!



  • Can I purchase a Jamis bike directly from Jamis? If not, where can I purchase one?

    Select bikes are available for purchase directly though Jamis. These models are identified by the presence of a “Buy Now” button on the respective bikes' web pages. Bikes that do not have a “Buy Now” button are not currently available for purchase directly through Jamis and can only be purchased through a qualified Jamis retailer.

    All bikes purchased directly through Jamis will be shipped to qualified Jamis retailers for professional assembly and consumer pick up. Jamis will not, under any circumstances, ship unbuilt, boxed bikes directly to consumers.

    In the event a consumer wishes to purchase directly through Jamis and there are no qualified Jamis retailers nearby, Jamis will coordinate with a local qualified bicycle retailer to receive and assemble the product.

  • I want to purchase a Jamis bike but I don't reside in the United States, what should I do?

    Jamis Bikes currently has international distribution in 52 different countries around the world. The International Distributer list will be linked below, If you cannot find a distributor in your country please contact us and we will attempt to locate the distributor closest to you and ship a bicycle to you.


  • Where can I purchase Jamis apparel and swag?

    Jamis apparel and other swag is typically available through our online web-store located in the link below. As new styles come in stock, they will be added to the store.


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