Merouane Delaporte

At the age of 19, Merouane, left everything he knew in France and moved to Guadeloupe where he was trained by the offshore sail racer Luc Coquelin. At age 22 he started his commercial sailing career, fulfilling his dream of sailing around the world. On a stop over from New Zealand, Merouane fell in love with the Maohi culture of French Polynesia. Since then he has settled in Raiatea, known to be the birthplace of the Polynesian civilization.

When Merouane isn’t sailing or racing, you will find him training on his Renegade to the marina where his boat is stored. On his off days where he takes it chill, you’ll find him on his Hudson traveling around the island visiting local shops and close friends. 

“You can be far in the US mountains, close to a European forest, or in a small lost island in the Pacific. You can be living close to the autumn leaves or to the summer sand, you can be going out daily or going for a road bike tour around an island… There’s always a Jamis that fits”

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