Lawton Denis is a mountain bike racer, a YouTube/social media influencer, candy aficionado, and one of the younger members of the Jamis Bikes family. Lawton is from Albany, NY, where he is a member of the Niskayuna Mohawk Mountain Goats NICA MTB team. In addition to cross-country racing, Lawton can also be found riding lift-access bike parks. He frequents Killington Bike Park in VT, Mountain Creek Bike Park in our home state of NJ, and Thunder Mountain Bike Park in MA. 
Of course, Lawton’s biggest claim to fame is his ability to wheelie anything with wheels. Whether you see Lawton out on the trails or cruising on city streets, you’ll rarely see him with both wheels on the ground.

One can easily get hooked watching Lawton’s YouTube videos, which are action-packed with a good amount of humor, a good amount of eating (especially pizza), and of course healthy doses of bike riding.

You can catch Lawton traveling around the US with his Jamis Portal and Jamis Hardline to major mountain bike hubs such as Sedona, Santa Cruz, Asheville, and many others.