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The ‘tweener wheel size has been in our stable for five years already, while most of the other brands are just jumping on board. Being first out of the gate is an advantage for a reason: it’s called the lead. 650b believers from the beginning, we don’t have to play catch-up. We can use our five-year, first-hand, real-world experience to refine and perfect. And that’s exactly what we did for 2014. With ten new models in carbon fiber, aluminum and Reynolds steel, including our most affordable version ever -- the Trail X650.


Nothing rides like a 29er—more momentum rolling over obstacles, more comfort, less rolling resistance once you’re up to speed. And nothing feels like one either—you’re less on top of the wheels, sitting more in-between. 29ers literally put you more into the machine. The result is more stability, more confident lines over tricky terrain, more speed and momentum. It’s a terrific platform, done right—and that’s all we do.



29ers and 650b wheels might be making a lot of noise in the MTB landscape, but guess what—with decades of design momentum behind them, 26” bikes still have tons to offer, when done right. Here’s the proof.


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