2024-RENEGADE-C1- three quarters view in prism colorway


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2024 Renegade C1 in Prism Colorway
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Our New Renegades feature wider, tubeless rims across the range which provide substantial benefits on any terrain. Wider rims provide a larger contact patch which brings improved handling, stability, and confidence along with plenty of grip. Combine those benefits with a tubeless setup and you’ll be able to run lower pressures on rough gravel roads for miles without worrying about pinch-flats.

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We repositioned each mount to not only make them more accessible and easier to reach, but also to add versatility to carrying options so that you’re ready for anything. With a wide collection of fork and frame mounts you’ll be able to add fenders, a bento box, and three water bottles on the front triangle. There are also three mounts on each fork blade for additional carrying capacity.

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The new BB386 EVO bottom bracket design takes the lighter, stiffer alloy spindle of the BB30 design and incorporates press fit bearing cups married to a wider 86.5mm shell. The wider shell allows us to increase the diameter of our seat-tubes and down-tubes at the BB junction a full 30%, which helps eliminate unwanted flex in this key area. This also helps us optimize chain-stay design for more tire clearance and optimal flex.

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New Renegade carbon model design incorporates UDH, which is designed to be compatible with any groupset and features a lip that prevents the chain from dropping onto the frame. UDH design helps optimize shift performance and is a sensible solution for universal derailleur mounting.

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1X OR 2X


The new Renegade platform can handle either 1x or 2x drivetrain setups. The front derailleur mounting point is located under a slick Jamis cover for clean curb appeal.

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With a platform as versatile as the new Renegade, having the ability to adjust handling characteristics is crucial. A flip-chip integrated into the fork allows for adjustment between 50mm and 55mm offset (rake). The upper position (50mm) allows for increased stability at higher speeds, making this the ideal setting for gravel riders. The lower position (55mm) provides more responsive steering, which is ideal for an all-road setup.

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Our internal cable guide system that’s compatible with mechanical or electric shifting, as well as hydraulic or mechanical braking. Carbon Renegade design utilizes internally routed cables, while steel models feature routing that is almost entirely external. Both designs keep shifting and braking performance ideal in all conditions.

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Just in case you want to continue to push the boundaries we’ve added cable routing capability for a 27.2mm dropper post. Carbon models have dropper post routing that’s completely internal. Steel models feature external routing along the downtube and under the BB before becoming internal via entry into the seat tube.

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SST is one of the design cues that differentiate JAMIS bikes from many others. Size specific tubing design incorporates unique frame tubing diameters for each frame size to offer optimal riding characteristics to all size riders. Renegades also feature two different size rear triangles to help further promote consistent ride qualities through the sizing range.

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The New Renegade frame has been completely overhauled with a focus on stability, responsiveness, compliance, and balance. Add to that the ideal carbon layup and you’ll stoked to jam down your favorite washboard roads and tight single track.

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The new Renegade platform provides clearance for up to 50mm tire. But don’t worry if you want to prioritize efficiency with more of an all-road setup, as the Renegade be fit with tires as narrow as 30mm while preserving all of its ride qualities.

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Since its inception in 2014 the Jamis Renegade has been defining versatility in modern adventure bikes. It’s not easy improving on something that’s capable of, well, just about everything, but our NEW Renegade platform is simply exceptional. We’ve succeeded in preserving the all-important DNA of our original Renegade while also adding more tire clearance, adjustability, and compliance. 

Read on to understand Jamis’ approach to adventure frame design and how it keeps the Renegade’s superior ride quality consistent regardless of tire choice and frame size, on-road or off.
2024 Renegade C1 in Prism Colorway


MSRP: $8999.95

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Imagine a bike that could be a morning commuter, an after-work group ride toy, and a 300-mile weekend expedition companion. It’s right here. With over 21 fork and frame mounts you’ve got the option to mount fenders, a bento box, front and rear thru-axle carriers, and multiple water bottles on the main triangle or fork legs. Add clearance for 700 x 50mm and 650 x 2.00”*, and it’s clear the Renegade series is equipped to accommodate any adventure.

*Renegade are designed to accommodate up to a 700c x 50mm tire without fenders or 30mm with fenders.
2024 RENEGADE C2 in Moss color way


MSRP: $4999.95

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Adventure Frame Design – We redesigned the new Renegade from the ground up to be the ultimate modern day gravel bike. From a frame design perspective, our goal was to create a well-balanced, responsive handling bike with a compliant ride feel. How did we do this? We paired a stretched top-tube with a slightly shorter stem, while also lowering the bottom-bracket and lengthening the wheelbase to put the rider more “in” the bike. Combine these improvements with our Size-Specific-Design (SSD) philosophy and what we’ve got is a fantastically capable platform. The new Renegade is fast, fun, and will take you anywhere you dare to go…

Adventure Fork Design – Having the ability to adjust handling characteristics is key for a platform as versatile as Renegade. Our new fork design features flip chips that allow adjustment between 50mm and 55mm offset. The upper position (50mm), allows for increased stability at higher speeds and is ideal setting for gravel riders. The lower position (55mm) provides more responsive steering, which is an ideal for an all-road setup. 

21 Mounting Points &
Cable Port Organizer
1x and 2x Drivetrain Compatible
Fork has 3 mounts on each side
Tire widths up to 50mm
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MSRP: $2399.95

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Featuring design that allows riders of all sizes, disciplines, and budgets to ride comfortably on-road, off-road, and everywhere in-between, Renegade is ready for action no matter which Renegade you ride. The snappy, responsive ride of our carbon models set the bar for how we wanted the steel and aluminum bikes to perform, and with the ability to mount up to a 50c tire these bikes are ready to go just about anywhere. All you need is the desire to push, pedal, and explore. A full range of frame sizes from 48cm to 61cm across all models means there’s a Renegade designed just for you.

Renegade C1 Frame Kit Gloss Black
Gloss/Matte Black


MSRP: $1799.95

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MSRP: $1099.95

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. All bike and frame weights are based off pre-production painted frames. Weights may vary in final production.