Jamis® T2X

In a race against the clock there is no hiding. You need every aerodynamic advantage in a time trial or triathlon—both races where the elements can be unpredictable and, at times, brutal. Headwinds, crosswinds, even tailwinds all favor a machine which can knife through the air as quickly as possibly yet ride and handle like a real bike when called upon. The race-proven UCI legal T2X is the new standard of TT/Tri fast.

Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and wind tunnel validated, the T2X is one of the fastest bikes ever made. Over the full range of yaw (test angles)—from zero to 12.5 in both directions--the T2X is a marvel. This was particularly true from 7.5-10.0 degrees also known as testing’s “sweet spot” because it most closely replicates actual crosswind conditions. And where it matters most, in the real world, it shines--as of press time the Silber Pro Cycling Team has won no less than eight time trials aboard their new T2X’s.


Aero Optimized and Validated

Shown in wind tunnel images painted in Silber Team colors.


MSRP: $6,999


The T2X is 100% UCI compliant and legal including its frame, fork, bar/stem, seatpost and braking system. No surprises at the start line.


TT/Tri Tubing Profiles

All tubing shapes, sizes, tapers and lay-ups are optimized for every consideration including the desired characteristics each must have in order to function as a part of a holistic design. This includes weight, lateral and torsional stiffness, vertical compliance and aerodynamic efficiency all in precisely the right places.


Near Net SPV Molding

We’ve taken our revolutionary Near Net dual-molding manufacturing process, that utilizes both silicone and polystyrene internal cores to support the frame shape while it is being pressurized within the steel mold, and added a vacuum purge procedure before molding that compresses and eliminates all air between carbon plies. Compaction is absolutely optimized. Not only is weight reduced while stiffness and strength are increased, but over-reliance on fragile and harsh-riding super-high modulus fiber is minimized. The result is lighter, faster, stiffer, stronger frame that simply rides better. A dual-molding manufacturing process that yields near perfect compaction, and eliminates fiber wash and wrinkles during the molding process.


Electronic or Mechanical optimized

Modern bikes are likely built with a variety of components and the T2X’s cleverly designed internal cable routing is optimized to accommodate either electronic or mechanical shifting systems.


Integrated 1-1/8” Fork

The T2X features a unique leading-edge fork that uses a hidden but conventional 1-1/8” headset and steer tube. It also features a proprietary front brake that includes a sleek cover which, when installed, renders it virtually seamless with the front of the fork blades.


Invisible Braking

In addition to the shrouded front brake detailed above, the proprietary rear brake is neatly tucked away underneath the seatstays nearest the BB and also shrouded for maximum aero efficiency and to help prevent dirt and debris build-up while riding.


1-piece integrated Bar/Stem

The T2X’s 1-pc integrated bar/stem system is a key component in its aerodynamic efficiency. It is designed to leave a gapless transition from stem to top tube and will accommodate a wide variety of armrest stack heights, widths and fits virtually any standard 22.2mm extension. It can also be swapped for a conventional 1-1/8” stem and base bar.

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