Safety Recall Notice


Some JAMIS® bicycles were sold equipped with disc brakes and a front quick release lever that can come into contact with the front disc brake when left open.  An example of a bicycle with a front quick-release cam lever that is able to be opened far enough to create this potential contact is shown in Figure 1 below.  An example of a bicycle with a front quick-release cam lever that does not have the potential for contact with the disc brake is shown in Figure 2.  When a quick release like the one shown in Figure 1 is improperly adjusted or left open on a bicycle which also has a front disc brake, the quick release lever can become caught in the front disc brake assembly. If this happens, the front wheel could separate or come to a sudden stop and the rider could lose control of the bicycle posing a serious risk of injury.
























AFFECTED MODELS: Any JAMIS bicycle equipped with disc brakes and a front quick release lever that can contact the disc brake assembly when fully opened is subject to this recall. Bicycles with front quick-release cam levers that have a clearance of at least 6 millimeters, which is the width of a #2 pencil, between the edge of the lever in its most open position and the disc brake rotor are not considered affected models. If you can pass a #2 pencil between a fully opened quick release lever and your bike’s disc brake rotor, your bike is not an affected model. See below video demonstration of how to check this.






















WHAT JAMIS BICYCLES WILL DO FOR OWNERS OF A RECALLED BICYCLE: If you own a bicycle that is subject to this recall, JAMIS will provide you—through your JAMIS retailer—a free replacement quick release, including free installation. If you have moved and no longer reside near a JAMIS retailer, we can send a replacement quick release directly to you.  Please click on this link to complete a form that will enable us to send the quick release to you.


Please see your local JAMIS retailer or contact us, JAMIS BICYCLES with questions at 800-222-0570, ext 237.




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Figure 1. Quick-release lever with potential for contact

Figure 2. Quick-release lever with adequate clearance





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