ACE is an Internal Cable Guide System that is companionable with mechanical or Di2 shifting as well as hydraulic or mechanical braking. In the muddy world of Cyclocross racing, nothing is unhappier than your cables and housing. Which is why we’ve routed them internally on the new Supernovas, and designed a completely enclosed BB guide to keep cables clear of the mud, assuring precise shifts and sure stops in the worst of conditions. And if you want to shift electronically, we’ve got you covered. Incorporated into our internal cable guide system are a few extra cable fittings that make the Supernova completely Di2 compatible.

If there’s any bike that can benefit from the extra power of disc brakes and eliminating the rim sidewall from braking surface duties, it’s a cyclocross bike. Just think about riding 15 - 20mph on a slippery course with half-frozen fingers and the power & modulation benefits of hydraulic disc brakes become readily apparent.

The new BB386 EVO bottom bracket design takes the lighter, stiffer 30mm alloy spindle of the BB30 design, incorporates press fit bearing cups instead of direct fit bearings and marries it to a wider 86.5mm BB shell. All without changing Q-factor. Why a wider shell? It allows us to increase the diameter of our seat and down tubes at the BB shell a full 30%, for increased stiffness where you really need it. We can also optimize chainstay design with both increased diameters (stiffer!) and wider spacing (more tire clearance!)

Securing the rear wheel to the frame by threading it into the rear dropouts is not only safer, it’s stiffer. Increasing the rear axle diameter from 10mm to 12mm makes it only stiffer still. The rear wheel tracks directly in line with the frame, for more precise handling, so you can go faster with more confidence. The 142mm hub dropouts provide a self-centering feature for the rear wheel for faster, easier installation.

The Supernova and Nova Pro top tubes offer a portaging flat that is perfectly angled & positioned for comfortable carries.

We’ve taken our revolutionary Near Net dual-molding manufacturing process, that utilizes both silicone and polystyrene internal cores to support the frame shape while it is being pressurized within the steel mold, and added a vacuum purge procedure before molding that compresses and eliminates all air between carbon plies. Compaction is absolutely optimized. Not only is weight reduced while stiffness and strength are increased, but over-reliance on fragile and harsh-riding super-high modulus fiber is minimized. The result is lighter, faster, stiffer, stronger frame that simply rides better. A dual-molding manufacturing process that yields near perfect compaction and eliminates fiber wash and wrinkles during the molding process.

Size specific tubing optimizes ride quality and assures the lightest possible weight for each frame size. Our 51cm Supernova frames are designed with top and down tubes 10% smaller than on the 54 and 56cm, which are in turn 10% smaller than on the 58 and 61cm. The result is a bike that has consistent performance characteristics across the size range, offering a ride that is virtually tuned for each and every rider.

The 15mm Thru-Axle on our Supernovas and Nova Pro offers the benefits of increased stiffness and a quick release system without any downside. Designed specifically to counter-act the stress and pull of disc brake tourque, these forks won’t drift when brakes are applied.


Over the barriers, through the mud, to the podium we go. On a Supernova of course. The carbon fiber Team and Elite versions of this perennial CX winner are guaranteed to have you reigning in the wet and muddy stuff. And with a parts package identical to the Supernova Elite, so too will the aluminum Nova Pro. All three have been upgraded for 2016 to include 12 x 142mm thru-axle rear wheels so every watt your throw into the pedals pushes you to the podium faster.

MSRP: $3,999
MSRP: $2,799

nova pro

MSRP: $1,899

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