Cyclists looking for a high-tech, drop-bar road bike that’s truly go-anywhere/do-anything capable had few choices until today. Meet Renegade. This is not your standard-issue, “heavy duty” adventure bike. The lightweight, full carbon fiber monocoque frame and fork soaks up the rough stuff and smoothes those mixed terrain routes, thanks both to the inherent shock-damping characteristics of the material as well as the long and low endurance-inspired geo. With disc brakes and the ability to mount a full-bodied 40c tire, this bike is ready for beat-up streets, back roads, dirt paths you name it.


These are the road bikes for smart cyclo-tourists and urban speedsters. Our legendary Reynolds steel chassis Auroras and Bosanova assure unbeatably robust performance and resilient ride-damping you’ll appreciate while loaded up and bombing around on the streets and rural backroads. This is magic carpet ride stuff, especially for full-pannier touring and rough-road adventures.







The BB386 EVO bottom bracket design amplifies

the benefits of the proven BB30 system. It takes the lighter, stiffer 30mm alloy spindle of the BB30 design, incorporates press fit bearing cups instead of direct fit bearings and marries it to a wider 86.5mm BB shell. All without changing Q-factor. Why a wider shell? It allows us to increase the diameter of our seat and down tubes at the BB shell a full 30%, for increased stiffness where you really need it. We can also optimize chainstay design with both increased diameters (stiffer!) and wider spacing (more tire clearance!). Our new design gives you the ability to mount a full-bodied 40c tire.

This is as close to custom as it gets.

The goal was to produce the ideal adventure ride identically for all frame sizes. Of course we began with size-specific tubing diameters, a concept we pioneered decades ago. Then we blew up the mold department with requests for 3 different fork offsets, 3 different BB drops, 3 different rear-center measurements and 2 rear triangle sizes.


We ensured stack and reach was consistently stepped from frame size to frame size. Then we tuned lay-ups by frame size. The result is a bike with ride qualities that are virtually cloned from 48 to 61.


ECO stands for Enhanced Compliance Offset. The ECO fork blades are swept forward a few millimeters to provide vertical compliance for a more comfortable and controlled ride without any compromise to lateral stiffness, thanks to the reinforcing rib on the inside of the fork legs. Integrating a 15mm thru-axle into the fork amplifies the benefits of the ECO design by reinforcing lateral and torsional stiffness, counteracting the influences of disc-brake torque, which keeps the front wheel tracking exactly where you’re steering it.

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